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Been trying for years to get rid of the odor. Who can help and what to buy?
Went to the mechanic today to get a sensor replaced for my oil needed indicator. He forgot the flashlight under the hood, it fell on the ground while I was driving with a big "ca-thunk". 40 minutes later, I stop at ...
rear hatch will not open
What is the suggested way to test/remove it?
cant find the dam thing
After every rain I have to replace the tail light bulbs because they get wet and burst. When I open the tail light assembly it is holding water. I tried drilling drain holes in the assembly but it did not work.
My car is VERY sluggish when I accelerate. Once when I pushed it to see what would happen: I pushed down on the gas pedal & it didn't go faster right away as it shoyld. After going maybe 5 miles there is a smell like ...
Seems like everyone wants to sell me a time belt and water pump. Manual says 90 to 102 K. Any suggestions.
It happened right after I hit a pot hole. I took it to my normal shop and they could not find the reason for it. They checked all of the sensors and even used a diagnostic computer to look for error messages and coul...
When I up shift and give gas, too much, or what I usually give it in gas, causes it to bog down and sometimes backfire. Seems to cut out and causes check engine light to come on temporarily. I let off gas and it wor...