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it has new spark plugs and wires. it worked yesterday but it won't go over 15 mph. What could the problem be?
We try take it off as try to fix but nothing happen...I suspect that it is a fuse???
sometimes starts sometimes it takes several attempts red dot security light lit solid estimated cost to fix and is there a way to bypass without replacing
Shifting erratic, occasionally shifts to 4th at very low speed even when accelerating. Low sounding "clunk" when coming to a stop. No codes thrown. Placing the automatic in manual does not work (up or down shifting.) ...
car wants to die because of this..just replaced battery and new terminal yesterday, is doing the same thing...
The a/c blows warm and the engine runs rough at idle. When I accelerate as from a stoplight, the a/c blows cool and the engine runs fine.
every time the engine started was completly off.l ask dealer it say should come on and come off after few seconds but the prblem l have was completle off.
Problem is accuring more frequent and the check engine lite stays on until I go to auto service and they put it on the sensor machine.
Car will be fine and then starts bucking. Is becoming more frequent. Had it checked several times at auto places and still no reading on sensor.
came out to start car, after running it an hour earlier, will not start, it will crank but wont start,
the engine failed, it sat for a while. finally got the engine replaced. now i only have brake lights. i have ground signal. no power. battery goes dead overnight.
Had cruise added to car early aug.Next morning & every morning since it is hard to shift from park to reverse (or drive). After 30+minute shifting id fine.Sometimes happens later after car sits for hrs.VERY hard after...
hard vibration