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The car was running fine til one day after work it would not start, it just clicked mutliple times. Tried jumping it off, no start. Battery is only 5 months old, replaced starter, solenoid and starter relay. Still sam...
Car has 87000k miles, owners manual says change at 90K, dealer says 100K and also have been told 120K,,??
sometimes battery light comes on and stay on sometimes check engine light come on and car won't go in 1st gear unless i restart it .. sometimes i get a tcm code,, low voltage code sometimes i don't
The Freon is good and so is the compressor. I was told that it is an electrical problem do you have any answers?
I entered a receipt for a single tire, but learned later it was not for my car but for somebody altogether different.
found the oil, and transmission but not the power steering
this happens while driving.can happen once,to 10 times.the lights come on then go off.now along with that,the tachcometer and speedometer drop to 0 and comes back up to current readings.
Day 1,I was trying to turn the volume down on the radio and it was very slow in doing so.The numbers were going back and forth from high to low then back to previous higher numbers,but eventually to the desired lower ...
Yesterday my engine over heated, I turned the car off and had it towed home. Once it had cooled down I checked the coolant and found that the coolant level was fine.
they get so hot the sockets are burnt
the alumination @ shifter selector has gone out. How do I access the lighting there?