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This morning when i cranked it . It was missising bad and check engine light was flashing. Turned it off and back on ran better but still missing . Any sugestions for this problem ?
Changed oil thursday and it was 3 qts low. It is smoking like a train
The engine sounds like misfiring air comming from the manifolds at reving 2000 rpm and will not go higher then 2500rpm. Took manifold off and backfire came from the second manifold hole from left to right. Car will no...
i have replaced shocks ,,,axels ,,,,wheel bearings .....seems as if Chrysler should have front end recalls......61,000 miles and car falling apart....2 sets tires in 12,000 miles ...... Not right,,,would never buy cru...
Occasionally my dash lights will come on while driving...They only stay on for seconds,,Oil. battery, seat belt, etc...what causes this?
with the air conditioner on the fan cuts on and off???
i want to check oil level on manual pt but cant find the fill plug.found the drain near the bottom of the transmission i would be greatfull for help
hi i have a 06 manual 2,4l pt cruiser here in the uk which i love but this week it has started to jump out of 4th gear and been aquward to get into reverse . before this it the gearbox has been getting sticky to get ...
air stop working,power sterling pump is morning, the lightes blink. Also still making payment on the car so don,t have money for all the repairs. I'm very disapointed in my car (Chrysler PT Cruiser)
I have 88,000 miles on my car and a light has just started to come on under park. It has happened twice so far. What do I need to do?
Can you please let me know I went on the website and it only told me one estimate I need multiple please.
Cooling fan comes on to cool radiator when temp reaches 217 but will not come on when ac is turned on and system pressure climbs to 300+psi on high side. Compressor sw.?
I need to replace my 2006 PT Cruiser Fuse Box and was wondering if I could replace it with a 2005 model Fuse Box?