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I'm having the same problem it sputters after a few miles and seems like I start to lose power when the car reaches 40 mph
when I stop the idle goes up and down like it wants to stall. I have a pt cruiser standard street series route 66 2006
Problem occurs randomly. But more often lately. Mechanic cannot find a problem.
brake went down when starting car, has occurred three or 4 times when backing up
I can remove the vibration damper
I can remove the vibration damper
I was useinf a 12 volt heater when I lost power all the fuses I check look good
Battery good,all dash lights,come on.....no click,no turn during day.
mine is not near the thermostat there is a blank hole
cleared code and it came back. Is there a problem with after market parts for this car
I understand there is a switch or wire that is attached to transmission but the mechanic stated he did not see switch. Need detail on how to get lights working.
This morning when i cranked it . It was missising bad and check engine light was flashing. Turned it off and back on ran better but still missing . Any sugestions for this problem ?
Changed oil thursday and it was 3 qts low. It is smoking like a train