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All the symbol P R N D of the transmission in dash is framed in a square/ no start but new batterie/starter/ignition switch and relay, have no DTC code, did PCM in trouble?
The Cylinder Head has M8 bolts and M8 Studs to attach the Exhaust Manifold. My problem is I have found the proper M8 bolts but not the Studs. Can I just install all Bolts and no Studs? If not does anyone have the cor...
sometimes the car will not start. No battery problems. new starter put in. What could be the poroblem?
I need to replace the original battery.
I replaced the water pump and timming belt, the engin starts but has a miss. i know the camshafts did not move, but the crank might have,not sure. But now it has a miss. Is there a way to sychro the crank and cams, o...
When driving on the road and I hit bumps, the car rides great, but if I hit a pot hole that is small to medium the car seems to bottom out most in the rear of the car. Can you help.
The light was on one other time, but it went off after a couple of days. This time, the traction control light has been on for more than 2 weeks. I noticed the steering wheel shuddering when I brake at higher speeds...
want to know common evaporation sytem control failure might be?
when i put it into gear it seems to be slipping all fluid is full and good color. when i let the pedal out in first it just like idles and doesnt even stall out like my clutch isnt engaging. its like this through all ...
should i replace both
trying to add refridgerant.
replace leak detection pump