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i put cam sensor - plugs - wiring and 4 coil packs on, now my old coil pack will run the car just little weak sometimes wont start, but EVERY TIME I PUT A NEW COIL PACK ON IT THE ENGINE WILL MISFIRE LIKE CRAZY BA...
Check engine light comes on and runs about half power. Code reads misfires
Stick shift worked fine for a while, then got fussy when going into 2nd gear ... kinda had to fight it, but it wld relent....then one day it wld go into reverse, but wlnd't GO into reverse. In other words, the stick ...
below freezing temps. When I tried to open liftgate wouldnt open and the handle is partially up and will not go down. WHAT DO I DO??????
Will the code go away after a few starts? Or do I need to reset the computer?
The mechanic Says it is the power steering fluid lines are worn from rubbing. Yet when I call the recall to verify the problem they said my car is not under recall. It is a 2003 PT cruiser so it should be covered by t...
heater not blowing warm air
Plugged in engine ditc computer it showed. Fuel sessor 2. Please HELP us.
Had new starteer put in. Battery is ok. Sometimes car just will not start. What could be the problem.?
the cost of a starter