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I took it to shop and was told they replaced two senor. The engine senor and maps senor.
I put in a fuel pump but it's still starts and then shut off after 5 seconds I don't know what to do I only had this car for two months it has no lights on.
My seats stop working both passenger and drivers side and the foot pedal won't adjust either, one machanic said it will cost me $300-$550 depending what's wrong he said it can be the wiring or the motor under my drive...
it just started & it sounds likes my coolant is making a bubbley noise
abs, traction control dash lights are on. changed all 4 speed sensors, rotors, hubs and pads. Shop tried to reset and lights came back on at a sit still. scanner said circuit fault. On my way home brake light came on....
I've changed egr replaced coils, plugs and I've traced all wiring back to the pcm.
Heater/defrost works fine. Problem is constant
replaced the blower motor resistor on the car now it wont stop blowing and when i turn it off it blows on high speed what else could it be?
I had to switch my leaking water pump and also replaced the timing belt, the car ran fine for twenty minutes the it started losing power and wouldnt start,after it sat for 30 minutes ,it started and ran fine another 2...