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trying to replace motor myself and can't find it.
my ac don't blow out my dash vents
I replaced the tension pulley,idler pulley and the belt. When it rains the belt slips off. I was told there is a splash guard or a sheild that cover the belt from rain.
can't find the turn signal flasher
the car wont start we think its the timing sensor but we dont know were it is located at on the engine
is it a difficult process to change the tranny selinoid on a 1991 chrysler new yorker?
I need to know the location of the engine computer and which ones are compatible
where are the input/output sensors located on the tranny
I bought the part to fix my turn signals that are not working, probably due to the Hazard Flasher and no one seems to know where to look to replace it. I already took the dash apart and looked behind glove box and un...
cannot find starter relay switch to replace
the right front brake keeps locking up, just had all brand new parts put on and i cant figure it out. its so bad that its melting the logo on the rim.
my 1991 crysler new yorker 3.3L V6 will start up for 2-3 seconds then just dies. Checked the fuel pump, changed fuel filter, found 2 broken bolts in the manafold (took apart totally cleaned and replaced with new bolts...