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The a/c doesn't work and the p/s pulley broke today when driving it. I was wondering if its possible to get a shorter serp belt to bypass those 2 pulleys. I'm short on cash and can't afford to fix the p/s steering pro...
cleaned engine and heater blower is stuck on all the time
the a/c belt is a v belt. the alt or serpentine is grooved the is a tensioner pulley but no idler pulley
The center tail light works fine. I can't seem to find the flasher
Convertor lockup hunts in and out in OD and 3rd gear
Now I dont hear the fuel pump activate and wondered if it is possible that the hose coming from the tank might have disconnected the wire to the pump while putting on the new filter?
I need to find out what torque bit i need to use to pull the brake calipers off a 1990 chrysler new yorker. I don't have a manual and can't figure out how to get the bolt off.
Changed a seized caliper after installing the new one I have no break peddal Tried bleedinit , but to no avail. I thought it was master cylinder Changed that also. Still no peddal
Electronic dash is out. Radio lights out. Computer indicator out. Dome lights out. Fuses seem ok. Everything else works.
At 195,000 the service reminder light came on and continues to come on each time I start the car. I can hit the info button and it will go out.
its a 1989 newyorker. when in drive the car acks like its in nutral, when i go about 45mph
when I start my car it has a very rough idle and hardly any power when accelerating. I got a code 26
My car will go into reverse can't get it to go into forward in any gear. I drove it to it's current location in low gear only, it wouldn't gointo any higher gear.
how to replace them