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or is there more to it than removing the old one and replacing it with the new one?
i think it is by taking light off i dnt know
I had to jump start my car. Then we started noticing that the lights on the doors werent going off like they should unless we pushed the door lock button. Any ideas?
My outside temperature gauge has been faulty for sometime. When it began acting up, the engine light and battery light also came on. I took it to a mechanic to check with a diagnostic machine. He said the diagnostic m...
i was driving on the interstate and it had shuddered some from time to time but this time it shutdown and the electrical system went crazy
I need to add coolant and wasn't sure what kind to get?
i changed the power steering pump and now i have to be on the gas or driving for it to work well, pulling in to parking spots and ect. is very tuff i read a comment similar to this and dandd says that replacement pump...