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on my display panel there is one wench with 300 next to it.
Started out with the alarm turning on and off, seems it ocurred mainly when raining. I was told to take the small plugs under/bottom of the trunk and it fixed the problem. There also information about a chip that may ...
Have problem turning the key to start the car.
I took little red to a car wash and somebody broke the cup holder. How much would a new one cost??
They replaced the d/s bolt when i got a alignment What is the bolt for
it shuts down when riding, but will restart after sitting for a while.
It sounds like it unlocks with the fob but won't open using the latch release on the trunk. How do I get it to work?
Trunk lid will not open on my crossfire. How do I open it?
No trunk key . It is a convertables ,but trunk is full so roof will not open.
I can turn the key but nothing happens. No click-nothing. All the dashboard lights are on and stay on even after I remove the key. I can't get them to go off. I tried to jump start the car and nothing happened. The ...
woops came up saying that the uestion details must be at lease 10 chracters long. i sent 70 characters.so forget about the question
The interior roof covering is coming off
2004 chryler crank and cuts off two times then nothing unhook battery cable then put it back on it does it again fuel strong battery where is the fuel pump relay