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Transmission will be okay after the engine is turned off and back on. The transmission does not slip and mechanic said the transmission looks good.
Oil light flickers on and off when u stopped nowbut goes off when u start going but now stays on when ur stopped help please
sometimes I cant shift out of park
radio shop says the amplifier is bad and can only be replaced by an original 2004 amplifier or remove and recondition existing amplifier. Can I just by an $80 amp on the internet and swap the old one out?
already reset the pcm changed the cam and crank sensors multiple times need help
Maybe the Chrysler 300 or Intrepid uses the same pan.
code shows soilenod with the computer it works when I reset it it runs ok tell I slow down
when the belt broke my sister inlaw was driving it. she cranked it over as if it had just died. does this motor have the clearance so it doesnt bend any valves when she tried to start it? i dont want to waste my time ...
Had engine problems 3 years ago and had a used engine put in with 75000 miles. Know the car is overheating and one mechanic replaced just about every thing he could and it would still overheat.(waterpump, thermostat)....
Rich mixture bank 1 , code PO 172 is present .Bank 1 has black dry plugs (1 MONTH OLD) . Bank 2 runs good with good clean plugs . Wouldn't mass air flow sensor ,fuel pressure ,or map sensor affect both sides ? there...
When passing or attempting to accelerate quickly the entire car "bucks", it's not a stutter or hesitation but rather it feels like the car is going to stop dead in its tracks. It only lasts a split second then resumes...
We checked the hoses, changed the thermostat, water pump, radiator, timing belt and it is still overheating. What else can be the problem. Thanks
I can turn the temp dial all the way to hot and the air is still cold. The return heater hose seems cooler than the other @ the firewall. How can I test the temp dial switch or the valve that controls coolant flow thr...
I had a diognosis done on my car and they said the crankshaft sensor was bad and also the o2 sensor so i changed the crankshaft sensor should i change the o2 sensor
i changed water and marked everything with soap stone but it rubbed off need to know how to reset everything