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It will not you can not control temp. max hot only
engine turns over and over but does not fire. wait a minute or keep letting engine turn over and it starts. it logs the cam sensor code after starting. A couple of times it has starting bucking and engine tried to qui...
I replaced the rear brakeline from "junction box" where all 5 lines attached and ran it back 40 inches and used a steel compression union to existing brakeline.
think it may be waterpump but not sure. saw fluid splashed under car
my car cut off while i was driving so i drifted off to tge side lane. then it wuldnt start back up. whats wrong with my car?
have replaced thermostat,coolant temp sensor,asd relay,fan relays,cam position sensor.engine never misses just quits like you shut off the key after 15 minutes seems to be before the thermostat opens the fans never co...
If so, does the throttle body housing need to be removed 'cause it's backwards (toward the rear).
We have a concorde that got into a little fender bender. We were told that it wont start because of the automatic relay sensor. How do we fix this?
On the above video link, at 2:08 minutes. it tells about a dual pop-it thermostat. The one I removed had no bottom spring and retainer shuttoff on the bottom. Could that bottom retainer/bottom shut off plate have fall...
The oil indicator light is not working, for that we dont know when engine is in danger or bad condition.
Befor it use to kick at times but now it does not work at all.
Before the car use to kick luckily but now it is off completely, after scanning i only found this codes P1490 and P1489. Please help.