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I made a quick move on the freeway and now all the light are on on the dash.. Is this something that can be reprogrammed or does the steering sensor need to be replaced?
the hard start occurs pretty much every morning now that its cold weather.
very sensitive steering on high speed is that normal for this car
The check engine light was on in our 2007 Chrysler Aspen 5.7L and we took it to the dealer as our regular mechanic said he didn't have the equipment to do a 'smoke test' on a PCM code 'P0440' which is a general emisio...
Check engine light is on and car revs at 3000 rpm at hwy speeds.
'gascap' warning light is on; not corrected by replacing the gascap with a new one as suggested in the owner's manual. We used a device to clear the codes and it said there was still a slight leak . .
How do you change the shocks. I noticed when I ordered the new ones they look just like when we changed them on our hot rods, anything else i need to know to do this.
my truck starts and then shuts right off.is this the starter or the alt?
Hello. My 2007 Aspen, 4.7 V8 downshifts hard coming to a stop. I can Keep a little throttle on it, about 1,000 rpm and doesn't do it. It pretty much does it all the time. Harder when traveling at higher speeds then co...
My Aspen with the hemi motor stalls while I drive. What could it be?
(2007 Chrysler Aspen backup warning system ) working When I was backing up their was a glass window beind the car the warning system started to beep, maybe 4 to 6 times then stopped. Since then it has not worked sinc...
Diagrams and in-depth detail on how to manually fix this issue would be greatly appreciated
The Radio in my aspen plays the sound, but the display is completely distorted and unreadable
Every time we fill the gas tank, once the tank is full and the nozzle cuts off, there is a backwash of gas that spews out of the tank and onto whoever is standing outside the vehicle. The dealer where we bought it ha...