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My car is the special edition with a lowered suspension. However, it has the standard size 17" wheels as opposed to the performance 18" wheels. I cannot find the performance struts anywhere. Is it possible to just c...
jiggling the pedal doesn't turn them off anymore. Also, periodically the headlights and tail lights will blink on and off when car is parked in driveway with engine off.
jump it but wont turn over
I noticed yesterday my heater was blowing cool air instead of warm and noticed that when I would stop my temperature started getting up towards the half way mark and usually it barely goes above the C mark. I have als...
sizes of belts
approximaite cost to install four struts
Check engine light came on and car went into limp mode. Mechanic reset it and it did it again so he hooked it up to the computer and it said this is what needed replaced. He did this and when I got about 12 miles aw...
blower fan stays on high when you turn it off
Where is this located? How long will it take to replace for a DIY repair? Is it a difficult for fairly simple task to complete for this vehicle? Thanks. reply to: prondo@earthlink.net
I need to have my A/C condensor replaced and i ALREADY have the new condensor. My question is,"How much will it cost me to have a mechanic install it and charge it with freon?"
my oil light comes on when engine is at idle (700rpm)