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what is the problem it says transaxle control system fault it is 2003 chrysler 300 m
approximaite cost to install four struts
Check engine light came on and car went into limp mode. Mechanic reset it and it did it again so he hooked it up to the computer and it said this is what needed replaced. He did this and when I got about 12 miles aw...
blower fan stays on high when you turn it off
Where is this located? How long will it take to replace for a DIY repair? Is it a difficult for fairly simple task to complete for this vehicle? Thanks. reply to: prondo@earthlink.net
I need to have my A/C condensor replaced and i ALREADY have the new condensor. My question is,"How much will it cost me to have a mechanic install it and charge it with freon?"
my oil light comes on when engine is at idle (700rpm)
when car is running all lights go off than come back up even when driving the motor still runs. sometimes i can drive with any problems this is an aztek 2003 roberb100@yahoo.com
i had a tun up on the 30,000 miles and now i have 56,000 miles do I need a tune up?
How do you remove the air cleaner compartment to get to the battery?
dash completly removed just can't find all bolts that hold evap in place
theres a ticking sound in tranny it speeds up with the engine rpm when i start the car in the morning or after it sits awhile it doesnt tick until i put it in gear
Why does the gas pump lever kick off when I am filling the gas tank?
i cannot see the battery from the top. how do i get to it to change it? do i need to pull the fender cover?