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I don't think it's battery because the lights go on
got off.advance auto said I needed an alternator; bought one.still had to get a jump. bought new battery.car was doing good.didnt drive it for 3 days.went to start it today; completely dead
Replaced my battery cables my battery and my starter but my engine light came on but no codes when I do the key dance....please help me
battery only 3 mo. old. had it tested twice, checks new. everything shut off, was told it was a relay somewhere but doesn't know which one.
I can not use the auto stick to shift. The gear shifter will go in place but it doesn't register on the dash.
I was driving and the temperature guage went extremely passed the halfway mark, it was on orange and the light came on, so I sat and let the car cool off and started the car up again after about 45mins-an hour. The ga...
I bought a new mopar oil pan for my car, and got everything in, but realized that it didn't come with the aux oil return line stem. I took the old one off of the used pan and it only fits into the oil pan - it doesn'...
I've had to refill my coolant previously before after noticing overheating n it helped. Now weeks later i get white smoke from exhaust pipe & check engine light .