Chrys 94 . Serp.Belt off .Is that belt tensioner prob & how much to fix? on 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

I own a 94 CHrysler New Yorker . Serpentine belt is completely off ,but belt looks good . Is that a Belt tensioner problem and if so How much to repair it ?

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could be belt tensioner or any other belt driven each pulley for wobble while turning
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If you check all the pulleys as recommended by globalhelper and still dont see anything try this. Some crankshaft pulleys are two peices so check it to see if it's seperating. If it does this you may not see it unless you put the belt on and start the car. Then watch to see if the pulley wobbles. Remember the belt came off once so don't stand where you will get hit if it comes off again. Always better to be safe then sorry.