chk eng lite on after putting in spectre cone type air filter why and how to fix on 2005 Hyundai Sonata

light goes on after about 90 miles code comes up as mass air flow

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airflow through the spectre cone type air filter messed up the air-flow sensors readings....recommend you remove and install the ORIGINAL air intake and reset the code.
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agree with herb
Easy fix, properly re-install the factory air filter housing and air filter, clear codes and drive 90 miles. If no MAF code comes up, throw that after market air filter in the closest dumpster! Installing aftermarket parts that do not have the same properties as those that were originally engineered into your vehicle will reek havoc on the fuel system management programs that are factory set in your vehicles computer. But man, do those parts look good and make your car sound faster; at the cost of check engine lights, lower gas mileage and shops that will refuse to work on a modified vehicle.