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Honda Accord Chirping Noise From Timing Belt Due to Misaligned Idler Pulley

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A chirping noise coming from the timing belt area can be caused by a misaligned, or tilted idler pulley.

every day when i start the car in the morning i hear a chirping noise coming from the timing belt area. when the car is warmed up it goes away. or when i accelarate no chirping. strange! -
I had my timing belt changed along with the water pump. i have noticed this chirping noise every since I had these items replaced. -
Chirp during cold and/or first start of the day. Improves with acceleration. No relation to steering. Resolves after 10 minutes of driving. -
constant-squeal/squeak--when engine cold. dissipates immensely when engine warms// i replaced o ring ($2.55)//part on one of the power steering hoses// noise basically quit! but now iam concerned about this idler issue? -
new idler pulley had to be installed -
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