Chirp or Squeak Noted From the Front of the Vehicle on Mazda CX-7

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A chirping or squeaking noise may be noted from the front of the vehicle when traversing bumps at low speeds. Our technicians tell us this type of noise is generally caused by the front strut mounts which will require replacement.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 63,500 (4,500–130,000)
6 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011, 2012
15 people reported this problem
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Replaced the front struts and mounts, both sides (was able to find a "quick strut" that included everything) and the creaking noise still persists. Sway bar bushings are next. So far I've replaced inner and outer tie rod ends, control arms (of course you can't replace just the ball joints!!), sway bar links, and brake pads and rotors. Latest problem is the "helicopter sound" from under the front. It is not the engine as there is no such noise when engine runs under no load, even if revving it. It's only when driving that the "helicopter noise" occurs, and only within a certain RPM range.
I just got back from the dealership, they had to replace the passenger (front) side wheel bearing. I live about an hour and a half from the dealership (75-80 miles) and didn't noticed anything wrong on my drive home.
All of a sudden (about 3-4 hours after picking it up) I heard (as best as I can describe it) "metallic birds chirping" on my driver side front wheel.
It started when I took a left turn at about 35-40 MPH. I didn't think anything of it, but now it's very inconsistent. Sometimes it starts when I'm moving from a red light and will stay active until i hit 40 MPH.
Other times it won't happen at all...
I'm REALLY ANNOYED seeing how I just paid $447 to fix the "humming" noise and some other miscellaneous problems with it.
I don't know what's wrong and I HOPE it's nothing serious!
To add insult to injury... It's Friday and the service station is closed until Monday!!!
I don't know if I can drive it like this? I have a 11 month old son and don't want him in the car if my wheel is going to fall off!
Any help would be appreciated.
Squeak in front end when hitting bumps
A squeaking sound coming from the front passenger side of my 2011 CX-7 as I am driving. I do not notice any obvious bumps that I am driving over. The noise is not constant but it is nerve raking because I cannot figure out where it is coming from. I took the vehicle to the service department at the dealership. They drove it but told me they did not hear the squeak. They told me to bring it back if the sqeaking gets worse.
alot of brake noise when shifting from park to drive and drive to reverse
occasional noise from front end when going over bump or driving slowly. have not had it checked yet as still paying off timing chain replacement. seems to repair anything on this vehicle is expensive.