Ford F-250 Super Duty Problem Report

Ford F-250 Super Duty Chirp or Squeak Noise from Engine Area on Initial Start Up

(15 reports)

A defective idler pulley and / or belt material can cause a chirp or squeak noise from the engine area on initial start up. The idler pulley and / or belt will need to be replaced with revised parts.

3.0 l v6 chirps twice on cold starts some times warm. Only right after cranking... crank, start, chirp chirp, runs fine then. -
had a noise rattle from engine. Dealer said right exhaust was the problem. they fixed it.....not only did the left exhaust blow out 1 month later the noise i brought it in for has not gone away. they said they dont know. -
Trucks squeaks on crank up and for the first 30 mins of driving. -
Idler pulley came apart. Ford fixed without question. -
Squeaking/chirping noise coming from the idler pulley area. -
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