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Chief's Complete Car Care
February 09, 2015

Horrible, awful, moral less people. A little background : My grandmother is 78 years old and suffers from mild dementia. She more often than not forgets everything she does, and says. She took her car to these people a few months back. (My grandparents have off and on used this company since before and after my grandpa died many years ago) Anyways, The car itself is worth no more than $2000.00, and that's being gracious. - They charged her over $7000.00 to do almost next to nothing to it. Both my mother and I upon finding out about it, called them and pleaded and begged to figure out a way to lower the amount.... As we did our research and found that they were charging her almost double what other places would have charged her. They said they would look into it, and let us know what could be done. I called them for 3 days straight trying to get an answer, yet they wouldn't give me one. They constantly would put me on hold to discuss the situation, but still had no resolution by the end of my calls. My grandma not wanting to start trouble handed over a check for the entire amount just to get her car back, but we asked them to please not cash it until we got the situation resolved. They cashed the check the SAME DAY. Moving forward... My grandmother completely forgetting and not remembering what happened the last time she went there, took the car back in, because it was broken ONCE AGAIN. They proceeded to charge her ANOTHER $4000.00 to fix the same problem that they should have already fixed and charged her over $7000 for! These people are nothing but money hungry conniving thieves who KNOWINGLY ENJOY exploiting elderly people who have KNOWN medical conditions. These people should have given it to her straight, should have been honest with her and let her know that the car was not worth repairing. BUT NO. They would rather make their thousands off a elderly woman with dementia who doesn't realize and trustingly agrees to what they say. My grandpa is turning in his grave at what these people are doing. My grandfather was very successful in the car industry, designing some of the most popular selling vehicles of all time. And these people smile to her face and say what a great customer she is, and how much they loved her dead husband, all the while ripping her off. I am so upset that I will take this as far as it will go. I will contact the media, I will go to the BBB. These people need to be put out of business. WATCH OUT FOLKS. Doesn't matter how long you have been a customer, doesn't matter if you have a medical condition, doesn't matter if your family calls begging them to please not do these repairs, these disgusting excuses of human beings will do it anyways. They WILL eventually get YOU too.

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