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1995 Chevrolet Lumina Question: Chevy Lumina-sedan 3.1L's Auto Transmission Fluid Pan's Gasket Leaks or ?

I recently seen my 95 Chevy Lumina-Sedan 3.1L V6's auto transmission fluid leaking (spurting out!?) around its fluid( oil ) pan, even after retightening the pan bolts to the specified 120 inches-lbs., from about 97 inches-lbs. (At the 6-month-ago fluid change, the pan bolts were not torqued tight and the fluid leaked, so I torqued it to 97 inches-lbs. and the fluid stopped leaking for 2-3 months). Its dipstick always pops up, so I wonder if the fluid pressure may be too high, and the fluid vent or the drain-back holes may be plugged. I'd like to check the vent and drain holes, please let me know where they locates on the transmission block. My auto-transmission is 4 speed (4T60E). Your prompt advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. -
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