Chevy 2000 pickup truck will not go into reverse all other gears work
on 2000 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

Lots of miles otherwise runs good

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While driving at about 20 mph pull shifter into low gear to see if you have manual low gear.
If not, low + reverse clutches are shot and will require overhaul. If you have manual low possible
shift linkage-valve body problem. Need to see the trans. shop! By man. low i mean does it slow the vehicle down or just freewheel when pulled into low, not starting out with shifter in low.
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these transmissions are good for like 100k miles thats a free diag from ammco then shop prices
does it shift into reverse but doesnt go anywhere if so I would take it to a tranny shop and have them look at it
I assume you have a automatic transmission? Check your fluid level and check shift linkage to make sure there is not so much wear in linkage that it could not be moving shift linkage in transmission full range. Other than that the problem would be internal in the transmission and would most likely mean a compleat overhaul or a replacement unit.
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maybe the transmission is failing