Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on November 10, 2014

A sudden loss of power steering assist can occur.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 1, 2014

The chassis electrical module may short internally causing the vehicle to stall. This would increase risk of an accident.

RepairPal Expert Overview on July 23, 2014

The front seats may not stay secure to the vehicle in the event of a high load or an accident. This can cause risk of occupant injury.

RepairPal Expert Overview on June 27, 2014

The transfer case may shift to neutral when not commanded, which could result in the vehicle rolling away when parked, or loss of vehicle power when being driven. This would increase risk of a crash.

RepairPal Expert Overview on June 18, 2014

For vehicles equipped with a vinyl floor covering, the driver's side floor mat anchor may be missing. This could allow a floor mat to shift and cause the accelerator pedal to get lodged and stick in a position where it accelerates the vehicle without being commanded by the driver.

RepairPal Expert Overview on June 6, 2014

The chime that comes through the audio system to warn the driver that the door is open with the key in the ignition, or the seat belts are not buckled may not operate properly. This can cause a safety issue.

RepairPal Expert Overview on May 14, 2014

The steering linkage tie rod where it threads into the steering gear rack may not be tight enough. This can allow it to loosen and separate, resulting in the loss of steering.

RepairPal Expert Overview on March 31, 2014

Transmission oil may leak from a fitting at the transmission oil cooler, resulting in a fire hazard.

RepairPal Expert Overview on January 13, 2014

Components of the exhaust system may overheat while the engine idles in cold weather. This can result in the melting of nearby plastic parts and a possible engine fire.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 17, 2013

The front seat backs may have too much free play, and as such may move too much in an accident, leading to injury.