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none of my tail lights are working ive checked my fuses there all fine any advice would be a big help
need to locate fuse box.
when I remove the window regulator assembly how do I work around the helper spring
my trans will go in reverce but it wont go forward what could be the cause of that
how do i change oil level sencer
the stop when you give it a jump why does it stop when you take the jumper cables off?
Usually starts around 7-10 min.after driving--usually around 50 miles per hr.--took to garage--doesn't come up on diagnostic testing--any ideas?? Feels like the van is bucking or mechanic said has a dead spot.
replacing the head gaskets and the timing chain and gears.
Rear door latch handle sticks. Tried spraying with WD-40, no luck. Can this be repaired without taking apart the door? How difficult/expensive a repair is this?
Engine over heated but no lose of coolant. think it could be thermostat.
How do you replace spark ,and where is there locations,Can i get a layout of engin
The heater and ac control for my van doesnt seem to work replaced it with new one and it does the same thing none of the buttons light up for the ac rear defog or recirculation also only blows hot are will not switch ...
the fuel gauge on my 98 venture would show half tank and shortly after will go up to full I never know where my fuel is at