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looking up the computer online it say that there is onboard programing after installation. is this something that come with instruction so i can do it myself or do i have to take it to a machanic?
the temperature gauge looks like its getting hot, but the fans dont come on unless you turn on the air conditioner. i have changed fan relays, thermostat, and coolant temperature sensor. now what?
the fans dont come on unless i turn on the heater. i changed the coolant temperature sensor but that didnt seem to work. i have checked all the fuses.
i have checked fuses and replaced bulbs on back of cluster.
has 146,000 miles on it, runs great, could it be a wheel bearing or in the trans-axle?
Unable to find a OEM GM Part - Catalytic Converter. I have had it replaced with a Walker & Magnaflow but the converter keeps going bad after about 1 or 2 months. Not sure if there is something else wrong with my van...
the berake on the hose i found i need to know how do u take it off
this indicator light reads OC and temp is way off at 140 or lower do not kno what to do please help
the brake lights have all of a sudden stopped working, the other day when pressing the brake peddle the clock on the radio would go out everytime the brake was pressed. now both brake lights have stopped working, ive ...
i parked the caravan went in ther store. came out to start it and got absolutely nothing. no door chime, lights the whole shebang. creepy. i checked fuses tried jumping it, and it didnt even have power while being jum...
replaced battery and starter, i think its a ground problem
When my van is put into first gear or reverse it goes very slowly. It will not pick up speed even if you rev it up until it goes inot second gear. I have replaced the speed sensor, transmission filter, and modulator. ...
My air conditioner seems to have a leak, but we need to know where the filters are located on the van for the air conditioner. The back blows good but the drivers side blows and cools much weaker than the passenger. P...
Replaced starter in April, replaced battery and had starter tested yesterday. Sounds as if "bumping the starter" bud no more. Radio, lights, dinger signal all work.