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It over heats and I can smell it I was told it might be anti frezze a hose or temperture gage.
I changed the heat sensor now the temperature hand moves from cold to hot I had the radiator reworked ,i flushed out the heater core and I changed the thermostat please tell me what's wrong
we have replaced the battery and fuel pump but it still quits sputters and misses. It happens when it gets up to running temperature.
I've replaced alternator which tested bad, new battery, checked connectors on battery and alternator but the engine dies after the battery discharges. This is a 140 amp alternator as there are rear AC controls
The gas seems to be coming out directly from under the gas tank... not to mention my van is rusted on the bottom.. and ive also been having trouble with turning my steering wheel while driving , and before anyone geus...
What has to come off to get alternator off?
is it a bad connection on battery or a bad alternator?
all of sudden my air flow stop on windshield glass so i can't drive in rain. if i block (close)all vent then i get very low air flow in windshield. how can i fix it
I was charged for only 2 hours of labor to replace the thermostat and I still have the overheating problem. It doesn't look like they have taken out all the stuff I have had to take out so far, and I have definitely p...
Just got it back fromt he mechanic a few weeks ago, replaced the transmission. Since we got it back, It shakes when u get to 50 mph, it makes a lot of noise. It also while on the freeway doesnt really jump, but has a ...