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have to warmup and rev the gas and the trans will catch then ride good all day could this be the presser control selinoid and what is the procedure to fix it.problem ocures when sits for a few hours or overnight
1997 Chevy Venture 130,000 miles. Idles rough, Check engine light stays on and Flashes when taking off from a stop .Stops flashing when driving.Defentially have an oil leak. New Cat Converter, New plug wires,plugs .T...
Where could it be? He just changed the fuel pump. Does this have anything to do with?
My brother just replaced the front blower motor and we have heat in the front, however, the vents located in the rear of the van are not working.
I have spent over $8K dllrs in maintenance on my 97 Chevy Venture in 6yrs. I have put a rebuilt trani in 04 which was the most expensive part & cylender heads in 10'. This is our family van and we have taken many raod...
I can start my vehicle early in the morning before the temprature rises with no problem but as soon as the temprature gets hot it won't start. The cells are full.
I have power to run the radio and lights but it will not start, just makes a clicking sound
I have 226,000 miles on it. It is still running good but it cant last. I have just replaced the transmission.
when i pulled over i tried to start it and it was acting almost like i was out of gas put gas in and still the same thing it wants to fire up but when i try it sputters and dies any ideas where to start. the check eng...
what would cause leaky coolant near back/side of motor plus constant overheating?
there is no heat comming from the front vents when heater is on. could this be the accuater control unit?
THe glove box door is hanging by its one plastic hinge. I've messed with the latch mechanism to try and set it so it would at close even if I could never open it again! But nothing works. So how do I remove the latch ...