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My tanks full reads only 3/4 full turn van off and back on then it reads full for a little while.I drive 3hrs and barely moves what's wrong and how much do you think this will cost me or could I fix this my self.
It doesn't shift hard all the time intermittent hard shift
Gear position indicator will not illuminate in park or reverse. Illuminates in all other gears. Will not start in park, but will start in neutral. What are the potential issues causing this? Repair costs?
This has happend several times. All of the sensers can't go at the same time. But if the coil pack /ignition module has a crack inside won't it shut down or have an adverse effect to these sensors. The pack tests ...
hooking up neg.cable got a arc.checked all fuses good
started having intermitent issue with car not starting dash going out no turn signal a mechanic recommend I replace the battery as this is what it sounded like to him I did and replace the terminal end as the OEM woul...
ran a scan U1300 class 2 short to ground. u1300 Data link low. u1301 data link high. lights have been flickering since we bought it. I ordered voltage reg kit will install on alternator. checking grounds. any onput?
Vehicle keeps showing the ck tire pressure light and the ck and service the ABS. Just came from having it ck today again, but still the same. Could this be a computer system failure? and if so, how can the system be ...
replaced gas cap 3 times. new purge valve, new vent valve, new fuel tank pressure sensor. code is "large EVAP leak" or P0455. garage replaced vent valve 2 wks ago. garage replaced fuel tank pressure sensor 3 days ...
what could this be? and how much could it cost for repair? thanks
Security light won't turn off and says starting disabled
one of my spencer's is pushed in and the red light blinks we I am in revers
my transmission is stuck in the drive position. I cannot get the shifter to come out of drive. what coulde be my problem?