Windows on drivers panel won't go up and down when bitten is engaged

I've been having problems with the front end differential we were told it was a recall but found out it had already been taken in for that so stop fixed it now it's making a ticking noise when you accelerate and its not as peppy as it was when I first bought it last September

The OEM harness has a strange connector not the normal 7 blade or 6 pin

Got in the Traverse yesterday, turned on the air conditioner immediately full blast. Smoke came from under the hood in the very front, and noise, was the system hard pressed because it didn't warm for a minute?

My traverse just started overheating when I was taking the kids to school. It is like a 6 mile drive. I did notice a small water puddle in my driveway the other day but thought it could have been from running the AC. The liquid was reddish in color. Could this have been the water pump maybe???

When it starts it says low engine pressure and check engine light appears. Then goes away after a short period. I have no problems starting vehicle until I put fuel in it.

some people say there is a harness is this just a myth or is there one somewhere so does anybody know for sure

it's not because outside air is cold-it's 74 degrees

The seat is moved back and forth at least 15 times a day and we are constantly vacuuming out the track. Is there a product I can use to lubricate either the tracks or the glider wheels?