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it's not because outside air is cold-it's 74 degrees
The seat is moved back and forth at least 15 times a day and we are constantly vacuuming out the track. Is there a product I can use to lubricate either the tracks or the glider wheels?
It sounds like the heater is running but there is no air coming out of the vents at all.
Both sides set at same temp but passenger side will not warm at all. Even when set to auto.
I recently had my tires rotated and have come across this issue. I have double checked the tire pressure and it is correct and I even went as far as taking it to a tire place and had them double check it
also whenb i turn my steeringwheel, ih ear a whining noise.
after we shut the car off, we tried to start it again, and there was NOTHING. It didn't even turn over, it was non existent start!!
Car rolls backward when on incline or hill,sometimes feels like transmission skips or hesitates how much cost for these repairs
It is -9 today and it won't start. Should I take the battery out and warm/charge inside?