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Are there fuses I should check? Can both head lights go out at the same time?
This happens after driving 60 mph for 30 minutes or longer. There is no adverse power fluctuations.
Trouble code P0336 and P0301 Changed crankshaft position sensor cleared the codes still will not crank I am not getting any trouble codes from the attempted start Battery good Starter removed tested good reinstalle...
I put the car in park but it shows on the dash it's still in drive and continues to roll forward. I placed my foot back on the brake but now the gear is stuck so I put on the emergency brake. I shut the car off and no...
cant find fuse for the interior dome lights
i changed the factory bose sound system to a kenwood double din nav touchscreen and i had it professionally installed. after the install my chimes didn't work, my cruise control, and if you hit the onstar button the w...