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Where to take for estimate of left front axle seal?
Sometimes my key fob wont unlock and then my back latch wont open. When this happens often my headlights dont turn off. Often the lights time out at different times. Sometimes they stay on for 10 seconds, sometim...
I change the actuator and pulled the fuse still no reset or 4x4
What do these codes mean and what parts should i look into if doing the work myself...Thank you in advance
I had to pull the fuse out under the middle seat to shut it off. What causes this issue and how would I fix this issue.?
at the highest speed, but it would still work on the lower speeds. What if the problem was the opposite, stopped working at speed 5, worked speeds 1-4, until all speeds stopped working...Now no speed works...Does this...
my 2006 chevy trailblazer keeps idleling and the reduced engine light appears and check engine light and traction light appears changed 125fuse, all fuses ,AMF, throttle body, fuel filter sensor, pedal sensor still id...