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My repair guy said that the valve on my number 5 cylinder is going bad. The pressure is about half of what it should be and I wanted to know what kind of price I might be looking at. Thanks.
my 4wheel drive switch is not working
I had the rear brakes replaced today. When I got the car back, the dual climate control was blowing cold air on the passenger side (regardless of heat setting). Also several instrument lights in the console were not i...
Just today my check engine light came on and I took it to O'Reilly's and had the code checked. It came up as a P0128 error code. The car is running fine. My husband is going to check the fluid levels when he gets h...
my motor mounts need replacing. Is this a differcult job and what is the cost?
driver side window, mirrow, and locks not working after getting wet. No noises noted and keyless entry to driver door not working.
I've been getting code PO410 "secondary air system" for a while.Now tonight truck starts missfire on cyl 6 and there's an odor like something burning. Code Po306 comes up
loud rumbling noise occurs when driving and gets louder at faster speed. Also, windshield fogs on the inside when it is cold
Where do i find the radiant coolant sensor and how do i replace it?
can I do this and how difficult is it?
I believe my fan clutch is going out. It makes a high pitch noise when I drive. I didn't see it as an option when selecting the problem from the list.
How much should it cost to replace a thermostat in my 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer?
My speed odometer is not working but part time some time it will will register after i go down the road so far and some time it wont even move can you tell me what i need to do thanks...
my speed odometer works some times and sometimes it dont work till i start down the highway can u tell what is the problem thanks...