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How much does it cost for rear brakes pads to be replaced?
Do I include changing out the timing belt at the 120,000 mile service if it has never been changed before?
thermostat replacement
Bought my 04 TB new. Religiously change oil, tire rotations, take better than average care of her. May 2009, 65,000 miles, water pump failed. While in the shop, my regular mechanic (whom I trusted wholeheartedly since...
What does it mean when the check engine light continues to blink on and off?
What does it mean when the check engine light continues to flash?
I have had this P0128 Code for over a year now - so it obviously is not causing problems because the engine runs fine, great gas mileage, etc. The problem says that the thermostat should be replaced; but that is very ...
what is a #4senors
Changed out the battery in my Trailblazer - it was dead- 3-1/2 years old. Got a new one and installed it - still nothing!! Now I can't get the ignition key out. It's not in the on position - but it won't turn back ...
Tried to jump it - but it didn't work. Radio works and some of the lights and gauges will come on. Was told to check fuses. Would much rather it be a fuse problem than an alternator or starter. Any advice??
my service engine light has been on for a couple of months. i had it checked at advance auto, they said low coolant. i put some in, the light stayed on. i had it checked again, same thing. they turned the light off. t...
Where is the thermostat on 4.2L 6 2004 Trailblazer, Some say upper radiator hose,,some say lower. Which is it? How much stuff do I have to take off to get to it...
when I make a right turn there is one knock on the passenger side. what could this be?
It only happens once in a while and only when I'm driving.
how do you get the head light assy out to change the low beam bulb