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Do I need to replace the cam actuator solenoid?
I changed spark plugs my engine sounds horrible and engine light was on. I had a mechanic buddy hook up his diagnostic and my engine is misfiring in cyl 5 and 6. After driving it a little we hooked it back up and then...
I checked bulbs,replaced bulbs,replaced fuse.no power to tail lights.
I checked fuses and the seem to be working fine
changed signal bulbs played with ign on/off checking them when went to start wouldn't no sounds nothing hear fuel pump but no starter engaging nothing its like its in lock mode changed battery also and checkes fuses
How do I seal? What oil should I use? How to drain? How to fill?
PO141, PO304, PO128, PO014, PO016
new thermostat, new water pump. new radeater,