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power steering lines leaking
Left my window cracked on drivers side and it got wet. I replaced the window switch cause i couldnt open my windows from the drivers side btmy headlights dont work. Not even on daytime running mode or manual mode? I c...
Happens occasionally. Doesn't matter if cold or warmed up. Mechanic states nothing wrong with transmission but feels like it's slipping.
Autozone said it is the thermostat,but it idles rough and has lost power
No other noticed problem. vehicle still running good.
how reliable in maintenance costs is a 2003 Chevrolet trailblazer?
Found flluid on the ground think its transmission fluid I had the spark plug change last year can you help
The dashboard shows Engine, brake, oil gas lights on I can't see how much gas,oil I have and the battery don't show how much power it's got. I took it to O'Reilly auto parts told me it was the camshaft. Any advice ...
Sometimes acts like it is kicking into neutral when driving down the road. definite noise coming from under the hood but can't tell what. Hard shifting. Not sure what to try next.