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There is a steady leak coming from the bottom of the fluid resevour, and I can't see if it's the hose or the resevour stub I have to remove the whole pump it looks like, but I can't see where the bolts are through all...
Has 175,000 where is the varible timimg sensor so I can clean it, does the cam or crank shdft sensor need replaced.
was nothing wroung.but intake gasket leak.had it fixed and every since has been making the winding noise .noise starts and stops. ruff idole(like running out of gas)but fule.oil was changed.3 days after job was done.n...
and there is a clicking sound in the back hatch and it makes the battery go dead
put in neutreul like the throttle was stuck it reveeved the rpm went up , turned it off took a few time to get it to start and today running like it no problem
Bulbs changed, circut boards changed. Fuse under dash changed. turn signal switch changed. No rear brake lights, turn signals, rear flashers. Fuses to turn signals under back seat have power. All front lights work.
When I start my vehicle at the back of my truck where the side window go out by the tailgate & it's makes a clicking noise, for a good couple minutes, very annoying. So I was going to try & disconnect the fuse, & hope...
2002 chey trailblazer ball joint greasing can you grease them
I thought one was for maintenance or annual service type of stuff like change your oil and the other was there is a problem with your engine that a mechanic needs to look at.
2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer Question: After giving a jump start my TB doesnt have any radio, internal lights and no AC, How do I fix it?