the runing lights change lite bulbs but light do not work

The noise is coming from the frontal axel of my tahoe since 2 weeks on low speed my car mileage is 130,000 km and I am changing the axel oil every 60,000 miles

Wipers go slow no matter what speed they are set on. The wiper fluid does work

This sounds like a torque converter clutch issue noted on earlier Tahoes - sensation like you're driving over rumble strips, but not nearly as severe. Most noticeable on flat, very smooth roads - otherwise difficult to discern/separate from road anomalies. I still have 10 months of limited drive train liability left so it will be going in before it expires.

The blower still runs and sounds like air blowing against a closed damper

Truck bogs down and enters safe mode and truck cannot be driven. Mechanic states it threw off a ton of codes but he believed that it was the throttle body. He reset all the codes and it runs fine.

The fan will stay on for 4 to 5 minutes after starting the engine - I am concerned that the fan will wear out - It would seem the fan should only engage at high temperatures that occur while towing. Thanks,