Car has about 140,000 miles

Mechanic says it's the vehicle's fault the compressor keeps failing.

Replaced the pads and rotors with Power Stop Truck & Tow Brake Kit about two years ago and now I get bad vibration when applying the brakes at speeds around 60 miles plus but it tends to subside after driving for a while but comes and go's is it bad rotors or do they need to be turned?

I have a 5.3L in my Tahoe and I would like to know how normal is it for an engine like mine to use oil I loose about 1/2 to one Qt of oil for every 2000 miles of use

Our Tahoe currently at dealer,over past two weeks the Tahoe would not go forward when stopped at traffic light. Car was towed both times. Dealer first time kept car 4 could not find problem. 3 days later second time occurred and after sitting for a day at dealer it now goes forward again. Dealer unsure of issue wants to replace trans. Anyone else have similar issues?

vehicle is a 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

you can change the oil ,drive 5 miles or less and check level and it reads low no matter how long it sets

Have leather seats the back and the seat do nor work? What would e an approximate ate cost to have it fixed?