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when car is a idle the noise is very soft but increases with rpm. took to a local shop and said it is coming from the timing chain area nee to know if the tensioner starts to go bad will this cause the noise or is th...
I have a 79 international scout that I did an LS swap in. The engine is a 5.3 out of a 2008 Tahoe. The trans is a 4L60 out of a 2007 Tahoe (supposedly). The transfer case is a NP241c. Today is febuary 7. Since Ch...
from my rear end differential. Can I just add differential fluid
And this message did not appear again should I worry about it or what is the reason for this message
Where is the oil pressure sensor located on the 5.3 liter V-8 in 2008 Chevy Tahoe.
Oil pressure gauge is reading 40 psi and the ck engine light is on with low oil pressure warning.
And when I do have the instrumental clusters (gauges) then they will go around erratically. Lately when I lock the Tahoe up and unlock the vehicle when I start it I will have the speedometer and gas gauge and the big ...
Do I need to change my transmission,coolant,rear differential, or any other fluids other than my oil at 50,000 miles? What is really neccessary at 50,000 miles maintenance wise?
after running a varied amount of time or miles i lose oil pressure and all the bells and whistles sound off telling me to shut engine down i have low oil pressure
how reset engine soon change gas