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I get into my car and crank it up. I get right rear door ajared. and when I drive a distance it goes off.
Problem only happens intermittently and each time if you wiggle steering wheel back and forth hard and/or bang on top of steering column long enough times it will finally start. Sometimes moving the steering wheel wo...
i checked all the fuses and relys and I cant figuer out why my truck is not getting fuel and will not start
The 4wd works but just won't lock into 4 high works fine in auto and 4 low. The 4wd light indicator doesn't light up either
My front dash doesn't light up anymore and we have replaced the fuses. Are there any recalls that I should be concerned about?
Actuator.control module encoder transfer case rebuilt can hear encoder working there is some movement on front wheels when locked in 4/4 high but will not spin on snow In auto you can turn front wheels by Hanson houst...
Now that the weather is colder my truck is acting like it wants to cutt off after starting. it doesn't help that the battery died out because my gear shift is loose and if it is not pushed up correctly the battery is ...
Car was left sitting for 9 up months and now won't start. I purchased a new battery and still nothing. After doing some research I came to the conclusion it must be the alternator. Which is not the case. Not sure wh...
There wasn't an option to select Yukon xl
The fuel light comes on, but there's is gas in it now
What else could be the problem? Plan on using 4x4 in Sept for hunting with kids and could really use a solution to 4x4 problems.
Will almost start but won't and is not getting fuel have already changed fuel filter.