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How many miles should I get so I can judge it better.Quarter of a tank the previous owner says it runs out that's at 250 miles.how many miles should I get if it didn't cut off at s quarter.
Usually ends with security light or check 4 wheel drive. Bumping dash can make them electrical come back on, but will soon die again. Just had transmission rebuilt and week later this started happening
The fan/blower on the Chevy Tahoe controls the amt of air (be it AC/Heater/Outside air)pushed thru the vents into the car. Works fine on speeds 3-5...and the air coming from the vents is appropriately cool; but on sp...
I've tried WD-40,Nut Blaster so far nothing
Engine misfires esp when it's cold. This is daily. I've had it checked at the dealership stated they didn't find what is wrong except a misfire.
Notice a squeaking noise in front of motor and leaks coolant in front of engine
I have a 02 Tahoe ,and the heat system is working only on the ceiling side of the car when turn on, but those on the front panel of the driver are not blowing nothing .What could be causing that ? Please let me know.
I didn't know if I need to replace my transfercase or is it my rear differential ? Something has my wheels locked? I need a clue
How much pressure should a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe fuel pump put out?