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it has 3.73 locker gears now. 2 wheel drive 5 lugs
I own a 1997 Chevy Tahoe, V8, 5.7liter, 4x4. The AC system was fully serviced back in June of 2014 and the shop added 3/lbs. of freon. The AC only worked one time after it was serviced in June. Now it just blows ho...
When in park and idling I'm hearing a whirring sound.
Have a leak on AC hose to the ho/low compressor. Dealer wants 625.00 to replace. Can it be done for less?
how much is a fuel spider and labor to replace it
Started Tahoe, Blower on heater working, put into gear started to drive, blower in and out a few times and quit, abs light came on, break light flashes. On my way home, starts, still no blower, abs flashing and break...
driving in northern california/southern oregon, stopped at a turnout for the view, smelled something and looked under the truck, seems to be dripping a dark fluid near the spare tire area, not sure if maybe i drov...