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Three weeks later hit a bump, no power. We have replaced the fuses and it still keeps happing. Is the fuse block or what.
Its happened twice now but it starts right back up after a few seconds
I have replaced the battery 4 times within the last few months. Took Tahoe to shop to find out why, couldn't find a problem. They checked alternator and starter and both were working properly. How can this be? I don't...
i can shift it manually underneath on the transmission but the shifter skips overdrive completely
fuel pump is kicking on and the filter is ok.It was runing the day before for an hour so i know its getting fuel.When it shuts off if i wait an hour and then try to start it does the same thing
I have a brake line that appears to be for brake assist for hauling a trailer. It is connected to the coupler near the differential and heads up over the gas tank but does not come out anywhere. I would not be concern...
While driving, the engine seems to miss or attempts to quit whenever I press the gas pedal.
after it warms up it try's to stall out and slows down even when I put on the gas
It just happened. Does this make the gas tank vulnerable to falling out?
I was driving and heard a noice then my truck wouldn't get over 15 miles. I stopped at O'Reilley and it said my censor was bad how much will that be to fix?
Is it ok to drive my car in 4 low? will this cause any problems, it doesn't shift out of low...
the buttons just blink, the 2low will light up but the 4 hi just blinks