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I turn it on and it turns on then off in like 30 seconds
solo lo hace cuando llueve y la camioneta se moja al otro dia no arranca y si llueve todo el dia pues no arranca mientras no se moje funciona normalmente pasan dias o meses sin llover y la camioneta no falla espero p...
I am leaking power steering fluid. I have replaced both lines. I think it is coming from the joint between the hydroboost and brake booster. Is there a seal I can replace or do I have to replace the whole booster? Tha...
new master cylinder,when driving turns fine...leaving from parking wheel is tight to turn from one direction to another and is fine when driving but braking sucks have to apply half pedal to get to stop...if applied f...
what is the time & parts cost to replace the oil pump
Stuck in 4 low
Stuck in 4 low there are no leds lit on the switch
Why does the floor on the passengers side get hot and wet?
Both power steering and brakes are very hard to use, literally have to use all my strength to get it to turn and press on brakes very hard to stop. Why would both of these be affected?
I am replacing a leaky wheel seal this weekend, and figured that I might as well change out the inner bearings as well on my 115,000 mile 'burban. Doing some research on line..some people say to grease the bearings, ...
Do you have to pull the dash out to fix the heatercare?
no engine light codes.I am guessing A vacuum builds in the gas tank and when released within 5 min of turning off a "ping" sound is heard that resembles what I think is the gas tank resuming its original shape. I chec...
what is the specs. pressure from fuel electric pump
why will my transmission not shift out of 1st gear unless i let off the gas and i have to be above 20 mph?