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truck will start fine, but will not shift, like the lock is still engaged, also when it will not shift the key will not turn off. This started about a week ago and is getting progressively worse. I see fixes for truck...
after my pump blew apart i rebuilt it now the steering box is leaking around the input shaft and destroying all my bushings . can i replace that seal or should i just change the box
The truck cut off at a stop light and wouldnt restart. After an hour or so, it turned over. A little later, it turned over fine, but started to cut out after 30 min. After setting a while, it again turned over but aga...
brake light flashes 3 short and 1 long what does this mean
ho do you disassemble the front hub to replace the inner and outter bearings
I lost my only set of keys (door, ignition). Can they be replaced? I owned a Honda and same thing, but I was able to retrieve a code from a door lock. Is that the case on Suburban?