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We have already diagnosed the truck with starting fluid Ignition works but immediately quits. Incidentally no headlight power to the main switch? ODB port also has no power, I suspect it is through a power circuit s...
Smog results were... @15mph - RPM 1753 - %CO2 Meas 11.8 - %o2 Meas 0.0 - HC (PPM) Meas 87, Max 134, Average 67 - CO(%) Meas 5.07, Max 1.34, Average 0.24 - NO (PPM) Meas 2, Max 1549, Average 681 - @25mph ...
The engine clatters upon startup, and quite's down upon idle, then knocks slowly after warm up, but runs smooth and strong no engin missing at any speed. Any Idea's?